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Chimerical engineering offers integrated, up-to date solutions to everyday problems using engineering tools and analysis. Chimerical engineering understands the need for clients to have optimal solutions which strikes a balance between cost, functionality and productivity.



 “If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln 

 “At its heart engineering is about using science to find creative practical solutions.” – Queen Elizabeth II

Rapid prototyping
Component Design

Our rapid prototyping services allows you to create custom prototypes at reduced costs to allow for design testing and revisions before implementation takes place.

Using our engineering insight and tools, we will design custom components and parts as per the clients operational and functional needs.

Living in an integrated  world often requires an integrated solution. We offer integrated engineering solutions which interface with existing technology and as well as functional disciplines found within any company.

3-D Printing
3-D Modelling

The world is rapidly moving towards the implementation of additive manufacturing solutions which not only reduces material costs but also reduces the impact on the environment from the manufacturing sector. Our 3-D printing services can be used to create physical models of anything, ranging from simple figurines and household objects, all the way to detailed engineered mechanisms.

The key to installing a system successfully or fabricating assemblies correctly is to ensure that proper drawings and models are available. Using our skilled and experienced designers, we can generate engineering drawings which can be used for quantification, fabrication, assembly and maintenance. 

More often than not it is found that parts and components exist which can not be replicated due to no descriptive data being available. Through reverse engineering we can now turn a sample component into a 3-D model which can be used to facilitate  manufacturing and  modifications.

System Analysis

Allow our experienced engineers to analyse your systems/operations to identify sources of problems or even to improve overall efficiencies. Analysis types range from basic walk throughs to detailed & calculated reports.  


Trouble finding the correct parts/components? Let us find you the best possible items within budget while still meeting the required quality standards.

Engineering Calculators

Use our specialized engineering scenario calculators to validate or design, systems and components

Project management

Make use of our project management services to manage work tasks. Our services aid in critical work aspects such as cost control, meeting of quality requirements, project planning, scope of work establishment  and ensuring on time project delivery.  

Website Development

Need to keep up with the digital world? Get a professional, tailor made website developed for you or your business, providing you with all the functionalities needed for a 21st century business , enabling your digital marketing journey .

Design and Consulting

Integrate all our services for a complete solution, from start to end. We will undertake all the required work to provide you or your company with a turnkey solution.

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